Will & Inheritance Disputes

When somebody close to you dies, the last thing you want to think about is the financial implications. However, it is unfortunately the case that disputes do arise regarding the way in which a deceased’s Estate should be shared.

You may feel you have been unfairly left out of a Will. You may have concerns about the validity of a Will and wish to contest it. It may be that somebody died without leaving a Will and you feel you have lost out as a result. It may be you are acting as an Executor or Administrator of a deceased’s Estate and somebody is challenging the Will or making some other claim. 

Brewer Harding & Rowe Solicitors have a specialist team of solicitors with considerable experience of Will and inheritance disputes. We specialise in providing advice to Beneficiaries, Executors, Administrators and Trustees in all kinds of Will or inheritance claims. Our solicitors will take a sensitive and pragmatic approach to your claim to ensure that any effect on the family dynamic is kept to a minimum.

There are particular rules regarding costs in Will and inheritance disputes. Sometimes they are paid from the Estate. We are always willing to have a free initial conversation with you to discuss your claim, at which point we shall discuss the issue of costs. It may be that we are able to act on a No Win No Fee basis, depending on the circumstances of the claim.

We have set up a dedicated website to provide you with further information regarding these claims. Please click here to be redirected to our dedicated website.

We are able to advise on:

  • Contesting a Will;
  • Inheritance Act 1975/disappointed beneficiary Claims;
  • Claims relating to an abuse of a Power of Attorney or Deputyship Order;
  • Claims that the Deceased was pressured or subject to Undue Influence;
  • Mental capacity;
  • Allegations of Fraud;
  • Disputes relating to Trusts;
  • Claims by or against Executors or Administrators;
  • Challenges to lifetime gifts;
  • Applications to remove or replace an Executor or Administrator.

Recent Cases:

  • Successful Inheritance Act claim for a client whose father died without adequately providing for her in his Will. The Estate was valued at around £1.6 million;
  • Securing monthly payments from a discretionary Trust for a client’s ongoing maintenance needs;
  • Securing financial provision for two adult children from the Estate of their father, who died without leaving a Will;
  • Successfully acting for two Beneficiaries of two residual trust funds in a claim against the Trustees for failure to administer the Trusts. The claim included an application to remove the Trustees.