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Managing Probate

There are many legal matters that need sorting out when someone dies, it can be a very demanding and emotional time. Whether you are an Executor or next of kin our specialist solicitors will provide practical help and clearly explain all the options for probate and administration of their Estate (everything the deceased person owned).

  • Fixed Fee Probate
  • Obtaining the grant of probate
  • Grant only, Advise and Assist or Full Administration Service
  • Dealing with Estate Accounts
  • Valuation of Estate
  • Inheritance Tax Liability Advice
  • Trusts
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Estate Administration

Brewer Harding & Rowe deal with a large share of probate and estate administration in North Devon. We advise on all aspects and can tailor our service to suit and assist your needs at this difficult time.

What if there is no Will?

If a person dies without leaving a Will they have died Intestate and their belongings and possessions i.e. Estate may not pass entirely to the surviving partner or children. We can advise on the complex intestacy rules. If you do not wish your Estate to pass under the Intestacy Rules then it is important to make a Will setting out your wishes. This is especially important for unmarried couples or those with step children.

What to do first?

When someone dies it is important to speak to a Solicitor as soon as possible. The members of our Probate Team are qualified, experienced and sensitive and be contacted out of hours with any urgent queries you may have

Costs & Services Information

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Certainity - The National Will Register
Resolution - First for Family Law
Lexcel - Law Society Accredited
Legal Aid Agency
Conveyancing Quality Scheme - The Law Society
Family Law Quality Scheme - The Law Society
STEP - Advising Families Across Generations
Agricultural Law Association

Our clients say ...

  • “Justin was very helpful and friendly and made, what we thought was going to be complicated, very simple."

  • “Mr Wallace did exactly what he said he would in the time frame he had recommended. So refreshing and an example to others"