Personal Injury

You may be entitled to bring a personal injury claim if you have suffered an injury as the result of the negligence of another person. If so, you will be entitled to recover compensation for the injuries and losses sustained as a result of that injury.

If you believe that you may be entitled to bring a personal injury claim, then it is important you act as quickly as possible. This is because there is a time limit for bringing a claim. This is usually three years from the date of the negligence (or the date you became aware you have suffered an injury as the result of negligence). It is therefore important you seek advice as soon as possible.

We provide a free initial case assessment to discuss your potential claim. We will discuss with you the circumstances surrounding the incident in question and what steps are likely to be necessary to seek a claim for compensation.

The vast majority of personal injury claims we deal with are on a No Win No Fee basis and will provide further information on how this works when appropriate to do so.

We are able to advise on:

  • Accidents at work (employer’s liability claims);
  • Serious road traffic accidents;
  • Public liability claims (including slips, trips and falls)
  • Injuries caused by animals;

Our recent work includes:

  • Securing a six-figure sum for an employee of an NHS Trust who suffered a catastrophic injury at work;
  • Securing compensation for a man who suffered an injury after falling in a hotel abroad;
  • Securing an admission of liability for a man who suffered multiple fractures and injuries in a road traffic collision;
  • Securing a five-figure sum for an employee who suffered a significant exacerbation to a pre-existing back injuries due to poor working practices.