Property & Boundary Disputes

We all take pride in looking after our properties. They are often our most prized and valuable asset. That is why it is important to get specialist legal advice as soon as possible if a dispute involving your property arises. Our solicitors have extensive experience of these types of dispute.

It is often better to resolve a dispute without the need to go to Court. That is particularly the case in property or boundary disputes where, if possible, neighbourly relations should be maintained. That is why our solicitors will, from the outset, explore with you whether it is possible to resolve such disputes through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation. If it is not, they are well placed to represent you at Court, guiding you throughout the process.

We will always talk with you openly and honestly regarding costs from the very beginning and can act on a No Win No Fee basis in the right circumstances. 

We are able to advise on:

  • Disputes over Rights of Way or other Easements;
  • Claims of Trespass, Nuisance and unlawful damage to property;
  • Claims for Adverse Possession;
  • Breaches of Covenant;
  • Boundary disputes;
  • Neighbour disputes, including claims of harassment;
  • Charging Orders and Orders for Sale of property or land;
  • Party Wall disputes;
  • Mortgage repossessions.

Our Recent Work:

  • Successfully defending a farmer client at a four-day trial in a claim brought by his neighbour, in which she sought to restrict his use of a lane, the effect of which would have been to severely affect his farming business;
  • Defending a client in an application brought by a government department to force a sale of his home for a third-party debt;